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Lamp Grade Dumet Wire MATERIAL DATA SHEET Dumet Wire: Lamp Grade Material description Dumet wire consists of a nickel-iron core in an oxygen-free-high-conductivity copper sheath. It is available in various surface finishes: electrically oxidised, borax coated, nickel plated, bare (uncoated) . Borated surface finish Dumet is used in Lead-in-wires for   Read More »
Diode Grade Dumet Wire MATERIAL DATA SHEET DUMET WIRE: Diode Grade Material description Dumet wire consists of a nickel-iron core in an oxygen-free-high-conductivity copper sheath. It is available in various surface finishes: electrically oxidized, borax coated. Borated surface finish Dumet is used in Lead-in-wires for lamps . Dumet forms a   Read More »
Resistance Welding Dumet Wire Introduction Dumet wire is the circular dumet wire of soft glass sealing-in, usually surface-coated one layer cupric oxide and borax glass mixture.The copper that covers of the Dumet wire core metal in a known technology mostly as copper facing or cover copper pipe. Copper-plated defect is   Read More »
The Light Bulb Today's incandescent light bulbs greatly resemble Edison's original lamps. The major differences are the use of tungsten filaments, various gases for higher efficiency and increased lumination resulting from filaments heated to higher temperatures. Although the incandescent lamp was the first and certainly the least expensive type of   Read More »
Controlled Thermal Expansion Materials Controlled thermal expansion alloys are iron-nickel alloys that display a really low expansion rate at temperature . These materials are utilized in advanced applications that need metal to be joined to ceramic or glass, and areas where the thermal expansion rates of the materials need to   Read More »
Selecting Controlled Expansion Alloys Controlled Expansion Alloys Alloys with controlled expansion characteristics are used for a broad variety of applications where thermal change of the size of the metal must be considered in a component or parts design. Generally, these controlled expansion alloys expand when heated and contract when cooled   Read More »
Incandescent Lamps An incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is an electric light with a wire filament heated until it glows. The filament is enclosed in a bulb to protect the filament from oxidation. Current is supplied to the filament by terminals or wires embedded in the   Read More »
Glass-to-Metal Bonds Glass and metal can bond together by purely mechanical means which gives weaker joints, or by chemical interaction where the oxide layer on the metal surface forms a robust bond with the glass. The acid-base reactions are main causes of interaction between glass-metal within the presence of metal   Read More »
Glass-to-metal sealing Glass-to-metal seals are a very important element of the construction of vacuum tubes , electric discharge tubes, incandescent light bulbs , glass encapsulated semiconductor diodes , reed switches , pressure tight glass windows in metal cases, and metal or ceramic packages of electronic components . Properly done, such   Read More »
Glass to Metal Seals When constructing glass vacuum devices, glass to metal seals are required to get electrical connections through the glass envelope. The problem is that the metal must have a co-efficient of expansion which is very similar to the glass. This is particularly important with soda-lime glass. It   Read More »
Glass To Metal Seal Hermetic Feedthrough An electrical conductor that carries signals and electric power through an enclosure or environmental barrier is named a feedthrough . For some applications like aerospace and defence, the feedthrough must be protected against extreme conditions and be engineered for very high reliability. They require   Read More »
Heat Treatment of Controlled Expansion Alloys Special Heat Treating Processing of Certain Nickel-Iron and Nickel-Iron-Cobalt Alloys Controlled low expansion, nickel-iron and nickel-cobalt-iron alloys are the alloys that are characterized by: an inflection temperature of at least 330 °C, a coefficient of expansion between ambient and inflection temperature not greater than   Read More »
Thermistor Glass Metal Seal A thermistor with glass-metal seal using dumet wires as lead-in-wires with an electronic device structure with excellent corrosion resistivity suitable for an electronic device with lead wires used under the heavily corrosive environment, such as a temperature sensitive resistor for measuring the temperature of intake air   Read More »
The Luminous Tube An illuminating description of how neon signs operate Fundamentally, the luminous tube is a very simple device. It consists of an evacuated glass tube fitted at each end with a metal terminal called an electrode . Inside the tube is a small amount of highly purified inert   Read More »

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